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1990 Moutardier Road
Leitchfield, Kentucky 42754
Hours Of Operation

Memorial Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend

Mon-Thurs: 8 AM - 6 PM
Fri - Sun: 7 AM - 7 PM


April 1st  - Memorial Day Weekend
Labor Day - October 31st

Tues-Sun: 9 AM - 3 PM
Closed Mondays

October 31st 
March 31st

Moutardier Full Service Marina Grocery, Food, Gas, and Tackle

We stock most of your essential boating needs:

Various Baits — Gas and Oil                                                                     
Ice — Tackle — Tubes ---
Basic Groceries and Supplies

 Let us cook for you!
We offer a variety of hot food and snacks — made to order.
Great Pizza — Fresh — Just The Way You Like It!
Big Burgers ● Big Dogs ● Chicken ● Nachos
Fries ● Onion Rings ● Mushrooms ● Wings
Poppers ● Cheese Stix ● and much more!
 Lake apparel ● Hats ● Sunglasses
Gifts ● Souvenirs 

We also have gas attendants to help with fueling on the weekends for your convenience.
 Special offering during the season!
"Captain Phil's: Smoke on the Water BBQ"                                                        
Mouth-watering smoked pork.

Make sure you save room for ice cream.                               
Soft-Serve Cones ● Flurries ● Shakes ● Sundaes
Covered Slips

Section   Description Max width  Price  Per
B-1 Covered  8 ft  $800 Season
B-1 Uncovered  N/A $660 Season
B-2 Covered  9 ft $1255 Season
 B-2   Uncovered 9 ft $660 Season
B-2 Covered w/Lift 9 ft $2655 Year
 B-3  Covered 12 ft $1,355 Season
B-3 Uncovered  12 ft  $660  Season
B-3  Covered w/Lift  12 ft $2655 Year
 B-3  Covered w/Metered Electric  12 ft $2180 Year
B-4 Covered  12 ft  $1355 Season
 B-4  Small Houseboat 12 ft  $2180 Year
B-4  Covered w/Lift 12 ft  $2655 Year
B-4  Covered w/Metered Electric  12 ft $2180 Year
B-5 Covered  12 ft  $1355 Season
B-5 Uncovered 12 ft  $660 Season
B-5 Covered w/Lift 12 ft $2655 Year
B-5  Covered w/Metered Electric 12 ft $2180 Year
Uncovered 12 ft $550 Season
E Uncovered 12 ft $660 Season
V Uncovered 12 ft $550 Season

Personal Watercraft Lift   $600 Season

Personal Watercraft Ramp
$385 Season

Out side storage yearly rate only
Open Field Lot: $200.00 Fenced Shop Lot: $200.00
All RV/trailers MUST be identified and parked in designated area.
For new or returning slip holders, NO painting, sanding, sealing
or exterior work is to be done anywhere on this dock.
ALL motor work has to go through dock management, due to EPA lake standards.
 Any boat not falling into the above categories or other special situation evaluated by Moutardier and charged accordingly. All full electric hook ups are metered 

Thank you for your continued cooperation. 

Inside Dry Storage Building
10-by-10-by-30 foot One-Door Unit: $600.00 a Year
(With 2-Year Contract: $1,000.00 for two years)
10-by-10-by-60 foot, Two-Door Unit: $1,200.00 a Year
(With 2-year Contract: $2,000.00 for two years)